Mamanatua - Wuataproof (LP)

Mamanatua - Wuataproof (LP)

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Country: CH
Released: 1997/2012
Cover: Sticker
Format: LP
Condition: new 

Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies !!!

First time on vinyl !!!

A1 Aiigghht!
A2 Vocal Affection
A3 Aparillo
A4 Darkside Of Alderaan
A5 N'ce Tempo
A6 Rapcorn Reprise
A7 The River
A8 Remarcable

B1 Splitternacht
B2 Chromogen
B3 Caravaan
B4 Wuataproof
B5 Nico
B6 Urbanatua
B7 Terrortune
B8 Orange Juz
B9 Toobaz'n'dazero