Sensational ‎– Corner The Market (2LP)

Sensational ‎– Corner The Market (2LP)

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2xLP - US - PC - 1999 - WordSound - nm

A1 Sewin' Up Avenues
A2 Excitement
A3 Excellence Makes Wack Irrelevant (feat. Jwar)
A4 Disco Lights
A5 High-Tech Issues

B1 Chunky Buds
B2 Dope Man
B3 Feeling Satisfaction
B4 Comin' With The Hits (feat. Kenny Bee)
B5 Unfaded (The Famous)
B6 Identification

C1 Keep You On Ya Toes
C2 Stylin' Stylin'
C3 Format All That
C4 Music That You Wanna Hear
C5 Private Party

D1 Sounds Like It
D2 Interlude
D3 Tasty Recipes
D4 Never Wack
D5 What I Like To See